06 AprZhejiang Yiwu officials syncope truth about Indian diplomats

January 5 of the World Wide Web publication “Global Times” reported that a sudden Indian diplomat fainting incident “caused great concern of the printed media. Indian embassy announced a warning in the Indian businessman away from Yiwu. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei deniedIndian media said the report of the India Consulate General in Shanghai officials recently subjected to inhuman treatment in Yiwu . Yiwu, a local informed officials on the 4th to the “Global Times” about the whole matter, but also with the Indian media had claimed that Indian businessmen were “kidnapped”, due to seven hours, diplomats and India can not eat, medication fainted and other details are different.

Yiwu, a local condition of anonymity, informed officials on the 4th, the “Global Times” about the whole matter, with India saying very different: two Indian businessmen has arrears of more than Yiwu enterprises of the purchase price of more than 10 million yuan. Before the Court, two Indian businessman has issued a guarantee, but after the expiration of them and there is no willingness to pay back the money, but to resort to the officials of the Consulate General of India in Shanghai.December 31, 2011, the Indian diplomat met with two businessmen in Yiwu during the court hearings, after listening to the talk and complain of the two businessmen, decided to take them without authorization. The trio ran out of the court by the name of the toilet, blocked the front door around there Yiwu companies. Yiwu officials arrived at the scene, the Indian diplomat, has been sitting on the ground, claiming that they have been playing, but also said he has diabetes, high blood pressure. However, upon inspection, no signs of being hit, there is no Indian media so-called “seven hours trial, are not allowed to leave things.

“Global Times” daily necessities Chamber of Commerce in China Commodity City (Yiwu) on the 4th floor, Zhongping disputes foreign diplomats involved in such things, he heard the first time in years from a 30, while the halo of the Indian diplomat since the “occasional accidental”. Warning, F, Zhongping Jian letter on the Department of Foreign Affairs of India away from Yiwu, Yiwu, good business environment will not be this sentence denied. Business practices are “talk.”, As long as there was money to foreign investors will still continue to come to Yiwu. (Newspaper’s special correspondent in India, France, Britain Liu Yang Ji Twins ● newspaper reporter Wang Liu Yang ● Zhe Wang north)

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