Yiwu Cultural Fair  2012 Yiwu Cultural Fair

Yiwu Cultural Fair was founded in 2006, has been successfully held for four times.
Aimed to enhance the culture and strengthen cultural industry,and also for the purpose of “cultural products trade, cultural innovation and development” as the exhibition theme, Yiwu China Stationery & Arts Trade Fair focus on innovation and optimization services. Since its inception in 2006, the fair insists on carrying forward the cultural products of “commodity” attributes and “trade” effect and accelerate China’s cultural industry market-oriented process. Yiwu China Stationery & Arts Trade Fair become one of the four cultural Trade Fair supported by the Ministry of Culture of China through development.It was awarded “China’s most influential exhibition brand in cultural industry” in 2008.
A Glance of Yiwu Cultural Fair
A Glance of Yiwu Cultural Fair

Yiwu Cultural Fair
Yiwu Cultural Fair

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