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Yiwu, is a city located in the province of Zhejiang, in China, with a population of 2 million people. Yiwu Commodities Market is also known as “The biggest market in the World”, “The Ocean of Commodities”, and “The Paradise for Shoppers”. Yiwu market has been booming from 1982, year of its establishment. Today the market has an area of about 4 million sq m where they are operating more than 62,000 booths, and where are working over 210,000 employees. Every day the Yiwu Market sell about 1,700,000 commodities. Over 60% of commodities are exported to foreign countries. Every year they are attracted here 318,000 overseas businessmen from 209 countries. In Yiwu there are 3008 foreign agencies for export. Every year about 570,000 containers are shipped abroad. The weather in Yiwu is humid and mild, with a temperature annual average of about 17¡ãC. Located in Yunhuang Mountain of Tashan County, Yiwu has two famous viewpoints temple, Shuanglin Temple and Yuanhuang Temple, that fused together. Yiwu’s most important attractions are, the Xiuhu Park (constructed with the architectural styles of Qing and Ming dynasties) and The Luo Binwang Tomb. 


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