06 AprYiwu people eat more than 10 million kilograms of fruit a day



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Temperatures gradually rise, a variety of seasonal fruit sales followed warmer. Fruit market in Yiwu Farm to see newly listed fruit shipped to the market by merchants looted. Yiwu people more and more love to eat fruit from the fruit varieties, fruit sales can be seen. “Reporters learned that impressive, as the county-level city of Yiwu, the level of fruit consumption.

[Merchant]: fruit sales by 20%

The Yiwu Mao fruit the person in charge of Mao Yingxing Yiwu fruit market has developed rapidly in recent years, the annual fruit sales have 20% to 30% increments. “Judging from the number of per capita consumption of fruit, Yiwu in the country is also among the best.”

Done ten years the Mao Yingxing of the wholesale fruit business, reporters simple calculations: Yiwu in banana wholesale 18 per day selling 3,000 pounds, 50,000 kilos; operating apples wholesale, about 40 home every day to sell at an average 2000 pounds count is 8 kilograms; strawberries to sell 500 baskets, each basket 20 pounds, that is, one million kilograms. In addition, the sales volume such as watermelon, sugar cane, loquat, pineapple fruit, daily sales also kilograms or more. “One day down, the Yiwu fruit sold no less than 20 kilograms.” The Mao Yingxing said with a smile, a population of 2 million to each day in Yiwu, one or two fruits can be consumed. Across the country research to know from his years in Yiwu fruit consumption capacity no less than some large cities.

“Yiwu in the end how much people love to eat fruit?” The Mao Yingxing pointed to the one just entering the market truck. “This is the ‘Oriental honey’ shipped from Taizhou, Yiwu is commonly known as ‘white melon’, these days just listed this car about five or six extremely heavy, less than an hour will be merchants robbed and empty.”

[Family]: fruit plate “essential goods”

“In the past guests, usually a cup of tea, a bag of seeds, and now almost every household are put on a fruit plate, nice and delicious.” Yiwu public Wu told reporters.

Speaking of fruit plate why a family of “essential goods”, Ms. Wu that the standard of living is getting better and better, very decent guests, put a fruit plate.

An interior designer told reporters that the home and placed fruit is also beneficial to create a good atmosphere, so that the family has a sense of beauty. If the decoration color is a single, bright fruit furnishings furnishings will be able to make the atmosphere more active.Matched with translucent crystal glass fruit plate or porcelain bowls with the taste of the room also has a certain increase. Apples and bananas are essential, in addition to grapes, loquat, kiwi fruit, dragon fruit, etc., is also a housewife like fruit. “Mao Yingxing told reporters, fruit color, flavor and taste, so that the family even more warmth.

It is noteworthy that, during the Ching Ming Festival, many people choose fruit sacrifice. A bouquet of flowers, a basket of fruit “, is becoming the new choice for many people.

Extension: this year, fruits were plenty of good

Reporters see in the fruit market, in addition to apples, bananas, oranges and other common fruits, mango, longan, grapes imported fruit is dazzling. Is in the listing of the loquat, white melon, or even cherry, but also the market quietly.

Known as the “spring effect” cherry, nutrient-rich, delicious taste and loved by many people.The reporter learned that the domestic cherry has a small listing, but the price is high, the wholesale price of more than 100 yuan per kilogram. “In two weeks, until after April 20, domestic cherry will be a large sale, the price will gradually decline.” Said a family business. It is understood that the Yiwu local farmers to plant cherry, usually in early May, the time to market, time is only about a week, like eating cherries members of the public may wish to pay more attention.

For the quality of the fruit this year, many business operators a thumbs-up. “Despite a few days ago the low temperature, rain, and some fruits and time to market later than usual, a couple of weeks, but listed on the fruit quality is good.” A family business to reporters cited the following example: Some time ago the universal low temperature, plus plenty of rain, fruit trees, “rested”, “satiate”, if the fine weather, the fruit to be this year than in previous years amount, and more delicious.

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