26 MarYiwu customs optimization services earns the credit of export increase

The Yiwu city’s foreign trade volume rises and Yiwu Customs optimization services earns the credit

Customs data show that in the grim international economic situation, the total processing trade in our city and out of an increase in the last year nearly doubled on the basis of the first two months of this year to achieve $ 49,105,200, an increase of 61.15%.

Policy is to encourage enterprises to upgrade the “engine”

In the turmoil of the world economy, Yiwu foreign trade processing contrarian sky, with a variety of factors. The sources said the results of this heavy behind, and inseparable from the Yiwu Customs unremitting efforts.

It is understood that With Yiwu pilot a step forward, Yiwu Customs and constantly enrich the service measures, comprehensive, multi-channel support for the new special economic restructuring, promote the transformation and upgrading of processing trade enterprises, the shift to high-end development. Last year, the city of processing trade out of a total of $ 296,633,000, an increase of 97.03%.

Customs officers in recent years to support Yiwu industrial structure adjustment, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, and became Yiwu Customs to improve the quality of foreign trade and exports, change “a leg” for “two legs”, to enhance the comprehensive economic strength in Yiwu. Change the development mode to promote the processing trade in July 2011, the General Administration of Customs signed a memorandum of cooperation with Zhejiang Yiwu Customs continuous introduction of a series of initiatives to effectively help companies reduce the costs of customs clearance, to support enterprises to high-end chain extension to help businesses open up the international and domestic markets, while helping the leapfrog development of new industries.

Customs to help a large number of OEM companies completed a magnificent turn, to a certain scientific and technological content, high added value and brand value enterprises to change. Yi Feng, customs policy of helping to achieve a big leap in its own brand, have a lot of development in research and development, procurement and marketing high-end of the “smile curve” link, in 2011 exports and domestic sales have achieved a major breakthrough in the sales growth of 110%.

Quality service has become the development of the “accelerator”

Policies and measures to boost upgrading of processing trade in accordance with and power to really allow enterprises to accelerate the development, also need the relevant departments reflects the ease of implementation level to improve service quality. “To this end, Yiwu Customs to take” side to declare edge referrals, while operation “super-normal operating mode, the focus of high-quality processing trade enterprises to adopt” security clearance “and” distribution sets “and the establishment of specialized services window”, the implementation of the “24 hours in advance clearance” and convenient service measures. Efforts to create a good environment for the development of processing trade enterprises, and support the Yiwu processing trade enterprises to achieve the transformation and upgrading.

Yiwu Customs also introduced the key enterprises in personal service, initiative, “the village into the enterprise” service enterprises. In the survey, the Department identified the the Huading nylon production of a variety of nylon yarn can basically meet the production needs of downstream manufacturers to carry out deep processing of the processing trade to be carried forward as the Huading nylon a new business growth, improve the production of nylon yarn. Under this situation, the customs in a timely manner to the business communications and proposals, to enable enterprises to seize the opportunity to expand deep processing transferring business of processing trade, open up the domestic market, thus further expanding the scale of the industry to extend the value-added chain. According to statistics, in 2011, Yiwu customs area for the import of raw materials to carry out the processing trade enterprises to nylon yarn 5, a total of 12 record processing trade manual, so that the processing trade of this product to get good results.

In addition, Yiwu customs, depending on the industry, expanding business, such as multi-Yiwu seamless underwear company, engaged in processing trade is great potential for processing trade of deep processing has broad market prospects. For development, Yiwu Customs had invited the upstream and downstream enterprises in Yiwu, held seminars, and in-depth business-to-business and detailed guidance. Actively guide the upstream firm to use its advantage in imports, the scale of operations, and downstream enterprises with export advantages to expand duty-free import of raw materials and parts digestion to achieve the maximization of the distribution and effectiveness of coordination of benefits.

Today, Yiwu has formed a relatively complete industrial chain of upstream and downstream, which will become the new economic growth point in Yiwu. From the customs point of view, how to set up an effective supervision and efficient operation of a combination of modern customs processing trade regulatory system for companies to create a relaxed and good development environment, we have been persistent efforts to explore the direction of Yiwu Customs long Zhang said.

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