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Recently, Yiwu market lose the obvious sporting goods growth in Europe, some European buyers have started for this year’s London Olympics, the European Football Championship stocking – 
Yiwu aimed at the European Competition
Yiwu News 2012-3-26 8:31:26 
  ”The debt crisis in Europe also appears to spread, but Yiwu market for European exports still continues unabated, it does not, recently, a European merchants ordered two containers of goods in Yiwu market, saying it was for this year’s London Olympics, the European Football Championship stocking, the merchants of goods of the special requirements, quality requirements absolute clearance, As for the price, not so preoccupied. “Recently, the Yiwu Commercial Xiang trade Co., Ltd., general manager of Heli Qin told reporters.

  Events in June and July, will be decided “the outcome. This is the mantra of the International Trade City, some of the sporting goods business households. Indeed, this year’s Olympic Games in London, the business opportunities brought by the European Football Championship to Yiwu “a bucketful”.

  Europe this year sports events Haoxiliantai the

  Yiwu merchants early to prepare

  IOC 117th IOC Session held in Singapore on July 6, 2005, announced in 2012 the 30th Summer Olympic Games hosted by London, UK, this is the 3rd London host the summer Olympic Games. 2012 London Olympic Games will be held in July 27 opening, closed on August 12.

  Prior to this, this year June 9, Beijing, Warsaw, Poland in the global football fans will usher in the 14th (Poland / Ukraine), the European Football Championship.

  The two events focused in Europe, is undoubtedly a needle to stimulate economic growth tonic, the same, thousands of miles away, global commodity distribution center in Yiwu, will also benefit from the “butterfly effect” of high-profile sporting events.

  Yiwu health Jetta Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of fans supplies business, with sales window in the International Trade City, the company responsible for the Chinese woman told reporters that a previous European Championships, she received a lot of orders, but due to The preparation is not sufficient, the emergence of large orders received small orders are not interested in embarrassing situation. Many customers back to a single or continued single are in a hurry, and the event process and the team cut close contact, so need to be delivered in a short period of time. In response to orders that can be foreseen, shrewd Yiwu merchants opened in Quzhou changshan, a second plant emergency reserve capacity, then more orders.

  Sporting Goods export growth

  A number of economic data eye-catching

  From Yiwu Customs data show that, before February of this year, Yiwu exported by Yiwu Customs Europe’s $ 180 million, an increase of 11.3%. Sporting goods and equipment export growth, total exports of $ 4.63 million export cargo of 04,000 tons, an increase of 18.3% and 23.3% respectively. Mainly football ball supplies total exports of $ 1.27 million year-on-year surge of 57.3 percent.

  This crisis clouded and currency markets diving Europe, seems to be a good omen. Yiwu International Trade City interview, the reporter found that the procurement of active European merchants, some merchants early reservation sporting goods. European merchants, said fans scarf, flag, football, jersey in Yiwu market purchase, has an unparalleled advantage, is a prime choice for foreign.

  Yiwu China Commodity index performance, the weekly price index for ball games and ball games, supplies sustained release momentum, soared to 107.55 from 100.41, although recently somewhat lower, but has a record nearly one year to a record high. Industry insiders believe that the Commodity Index reflects the market supply and demand fundamentals, tend to be more consistent and sustained business households may have increased in the number of trade orders and opportunities.

  The peak period is expected in May before and after

  Customs measures to optimize the clearance

  Recently, the the Yiwu Shanhai flag industry firm, received a banner orders, tens of thousands of flags and pennants of the total purchase price of a dozen or so million, but looking forward to the tremendous business opportunities brought by the firm responsible for this year’s London Olympics.

  Grand Yiwu Huacheng customs agents Limited money the same two events with confidence, he told reporters about the admissibility of nearly 50 single business until May is expected to be 100 single now accepted more commodity export to Ukraine, concentrated in the flag and scarves and the like. One of the host country Ukraine as Euro 14th, Yiwu trade has been to more frequent, export procedures and processes can be described as hundreds of times for the local businessmen.

  Money magnificent Commodity to Europe needs a certain amount of freight time and therefore expected to be May before and after an export peak of the relevant market dealers can make some stocking.

  Yiwu customs officers told reporters that with the approaching of the major events in Europe, the Yiwu Small Commodity exports to Europe will Jianrugaochao, scarves, shirts, football and other sporting goods will face export opportunities. Yiwu Customs will continue to focus Commodity export prices change on European countries to provide information support for the enterprise open European market, but also by optimizing clearance measures, given to facilitate customs clearance of small commodities of export to European countries.

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