26 MarThe Yiwu Digital City business persons : keep an eye on the “market” business

The Yiwu Digital City business households: keep an eye on the “market” business
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  The Yiwu Digital City, encompassing a wide range of digital products, and as small as a battery plate, the whole set of electronic monitoring equipment, and then to a variety of accessories and office supplies can be described as everything from computers to cameras. Most people are surprised that the digital products business operators seems to be very keen to expand the scope to expand the business circle.

  Not only store selling computer hosts a variety of accessories and cleaning equipment; sell the camera can be installed for the full set of business equipment, including tripods, studio, etc.; selling office supplies business households simply store layout into a supermarket (supermarkets), as long as it is able to stop procurement of office supplies. Business operators to attribute this change to accurately determine the market with the development of online shopping, they had a profitable main business has been increasingly transparent, low profits, for which they adapt to market changes, while insight into the market demand, gradually changed the operating structure.

  At every step – from digital cameras to commercial photographic equipment

  Yiwu is a commercial city, my business around its urban characteristics do change over the years, so long as the business context can always find the profit point. “Yesterday, justice Wuao help the person in charge of the Cyberport Fan Ziming summarize the business experience said.

  A rainy day in 2008, a guest came to the Fan Zaiming the store, first ask the camera to ask tripod, almost a full set of photographic equipment once asked over and over, heard the studio in the chat from the Fan Ziming mouth, literally requirements Fan Ziming the studio also ordered a set. “All right, you just said to a” sentence of the guests to Fan Ziming shocked, “never seen so buy things, I think his appearance is not really understand, ask a lap down and then say only buy, but also bought a complete set. “

  Further inquiries Fan Ziming the generous guests turned out to be a fledgling network operators, in order to be able to product shot was perfect, the network operators breath and bought a set of equipment to go back. The second year, the network operators would come again, is absolutely not a “rookie” appearance, he please Fan Ziming last bought the camera in a store on consignment, and then let the Fan Ziming his request with a new set of photographic equipment. “This time from the camera to the studio are ordered in accordance with his request.” This time, the experience of Fan Ziming business idea to have a new idea. Sure enough, the idea of ​​Fan Ziming soon has been verified. The past two years, not only do Taobao network operators, and even the foreign trade company and market operators are starting to find the door to the mouth will be full set of equipment, Fan Ziming both wonder and excitement.

  ”Then slowly found, Yiwu is a commercial city, particularly the needs of commercial photography. For example, Shanghai, Beijing, where the civilian models and professional models are selling particularly well, is very prominent in Yiwu business needs.” Fan Ziming distribution Nikon and Sony digital cameras, his shop in 2008, all general digital camera, commonly known as “card machine, when he found that the demand of Yiwu commercial photography equipment, and gradually try from the SLR professional photographic equipment.

  2010 began to open shop to pay for the anti-people a lot more, is estimated to triple to give you an example, last May 28 and 29 days, my store sold 17 Nikon D90 camera. This machine performance, cost-effective, suitable for household and general commercial photography, so the two sides larger than the demand. “since to get involved in the business of commercial photography equipment the Fan Ziming store more professional-grade camera, but also more several small studio. The needs of network operators, the demand for foreign trade companies in mind, previous to a guest set a cargo, our store has the spot. “

  As the years after plenty of rain, civilian camera Fan Ziming store business has less, he put more hope on the commercial photography equipment, photographic lights and camera bag, memory cards and other accessories including his promising, these are his Currently maintain the source of profits of the business. Fanzi Ming said: “As the economic downturn, the decline in sales of civilian models and friends to open a chain of five stores in Shanghai, now breath off a three but Yiwu, the share of the past few years of commercial photography equipment rose significantly from previous years, rose to 50% now. “

  Opportunistic bigger – from fax machines, office supplies stores

  Yiwu sword of Office Communications Equipment Co., Ltd. in Yiwu digital city has a decoration a sophisticated store proprietress LUO Xue-lian busy to answer the phone, “is to black models? Black no goods, white okay?” Put down the phone after she hastily sat down one side, and intends to open chat with reporters.

  Helpless, the phone rang again. “Sorry, the phone is a bit more, the store too many things to buy what has.” LUO Xue-lian words full of the joy of business is booming, “my family the things that are supply Yiwu markets and Yiwu enterprises, their business well, my business is naturally good. “However, LUO Xue-lian mouth” they “also with the changing market situation has added many new members.

  1997, LUO Xue-lian start to do the telephone business, then gradually purchased some fax machines do, this should be her first step in the change. Now she is the distributor of Panasonic, Brother, Samsung, Epson, Hewlett-Packard and other well-known brand of Jin-Li Qu. Then the days, she seems to know how to grasp the context of changes in the market, “a dot matrix printer in the printer, the original, when many foreign trade companies to buy it used to print the declarations, this printer can skip a line to print, the emphasis is on accuracy since 2010, suddenly this printer become a popular retail products, to inquire after the LUO Xue-lian found, the original network operators team in Yiwu, the rise of network commercial use of this machine to print express a single, replacing the handwritten list of trouble.

  Aware of this opportunity, LUO Xue-lian follow the laws of the market touched another opportunity. “Our products are mainly supply the supermarket and mall, as a supplier profit transparent. Day, a guest to purchase the printer, easy to read said something, why not cash registers and other office supplies.” In-depth understanding of, LUO Xue-lian found Yiwu foreign trade should be purchasing a full range of office supplies company and supermarket opening, she simply follow this clue to the cash registers and printing paper, ball pen, pen holder and all other office supplies are moved into the store.Really a lot of guests last year to store a full set of purchase, probably sold several hundred sets.

  LUO Xue-lian business opportunities exist in this time of economic change, “With the end of the major reshuffle of the various industries, many companies are starting to focus on business management, to buy the attendance of the face recognition and fingerprint attendance machine, used to regulate employee work the system. “As a result, her store to the addition of two new products.

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