26 MarYiwu to foster e-commerce online international trade

As early as the end of 2009, Yiwu to build the City of international e-commerce news had spread. Until last year, news Commodity City, the announcement confirmed. More than two years, the industry has not stopped the discussion of the City of international e-commerce.

Yiwu market, after years of development, has formed a unique entity transaction business model, this model inertia, easy to drag the hind legs of the market transition. Perhaps only 10% of network operators finally survived. E-commerce industry chain appears to be similar to the physical market, but in reality is much different. In its industry chain, whether it is the choice of goods, pricing, quantitative as well as production, warehousing, logistics, marketing, and are required to fit the network market.

Yiwu shall strive to foster e-commerce third-party service industry. Businesses in the network of trade, only a few people to complete the train operators, the majority of sectors such as commodities camera, web publishing, etc., all need the support of third-party service providers. , Yiwu is the lack of e-commerce professional high-end talent, multi-held industry exchange meetings, absorb the concept of state-of-the-art power to develop, contribute to the enhancement of the quality of talent.

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