28 MarYiwu Rural Cooperative Bank Won Honors

.“Ensure that in 2011 the newly developed 2000 acres of land successfully on Dendrobium candidum, continuing the bigger and stronger Dendrobium business” is a top priority of leading agricultural enterprises in Zhejiang Province Sen Yu Industrial Co., Ltd. this year, with the Agricultural Bank of China Yiwu points fast line 1160 million loan in place, the responsible persons Yu How-sin was finally relieved.

  Zhejiang Sen Yu Industrial Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in planting, sales, flagship product, “Moriyama” brand Dendrobium fighting, the country has greater visibility, the total area of ​​3385 acres of existing planting base, where in 2011 a total of 2570 acres of new planning new planting area of ​​1,000 acres, requires a lot of capital investment, that the business situation, the Agricultural Bank of China Yiwu Branch initiative to come for the corporate finance advice, less than a few days, 11.6 million yuan of loans to corporate accounts, lines long the Zhangshan Ming said that the bank Senyu company’s actual financial requirements, continue to intensify support to help enterprises bigger and stronger.

  In recent years, the Agricultural Bank of China Yiwu Branch continue to increase efforts to support three rural economy, and to deepen the “three rural financial services as an important measure in support of Yiwu Economic Development. Up to now, the Bank of agriculture-related loans reached 11.184 billion yuan, accounting for 77.61% of total loans, the first two months of this year has been added agriculture-related loans of 537 million yuan to support the development of the Yiwu three rural economy.

  It is understood that the Agricultural Bank of China Yiwu branch will be based in Yiwu practical help. “Rural” economic development, starting from the four areas. First, the strong support of Yiwu national, provincial-level leading agricultural development in a timely manner to meet the financing needs of the leading enterprises. Second, the International Trade City market and Nongmao Cheng market as the starting point, and actively promote “market + farmers” marketing model, efforts to expand the effective coverage of market quality customers, cultivate the core customer base, giving priority to the size of credit market customers. To raise the overall level of agriculture-related financial services. Actively cultivate the customers of the the Huinong card quality, merit-based payment of microfinance loans issued this year, the Huinong card 10350, issued microfinance loan of 45.7 million yuan.Fourth, vigorously implement the agro-business links “and benefit farmers” project, promote the use of Jin Yinong mobile service pack installed, the township rural Huinong cash to facilitate the farmers to use the card to further broaden the channels for agriculture-related services. (Zhou Zongrong)

  Agricultural Bank of China Yiwu Branch

  Help three rural economic development

  Recently, the Provincial Rural Credit Union awarded Yiwu rural cooperative banks, “top ten rural banks, three of the Headquarters building an advanced society” and “civilized norms demonstration unit honorary title in recognition of its business development, asset quality, financial effectiveness of services “rural” and the outstanding performance of the small micro-enterprise.

  It is understood that in 2011, under the correct leadership of the higher authorities and the Yiwu municipal government of Yiwu the IICA line leadership team unity and cooperation, forge ahead, the better to complete the tasks of the higher authorities, the business is booming, workers cohesion is further enhanced. The end of December 2011, the Bank deposits balance of 29.708 billion yuan, 21.889 billion yuan of the loan balance.

  In 2011, Yiwu IICA line active implementation of the headquarters building and branch transformation project “, the headquarters organizational structure to optimize the recycling of combing and re-set up headquarters positions, clear departments and job responsibilities boundary. Continue to push forward the transformation of outlets, the implementation of the network flat, vertical management, revision and improvement of non-directly under the branch ranking assessment methods, according to different regions, the scale of the implementation of the different license management and financial resource allocation management, the larger the business, the level of management than The high non-immediate branch gradually transition to the headquarters of a management assessment. Actively carry out the construction of the benchmark bank, strict process of service delivery, import outlets counter service levels improved significantly, and significantly reduced customer complaints, and the the Yiwu IICA line image of public praise.

  In addition, Yiwu IICA line always adhere to the priority to credit funds needed for agricultural production, agriculture loan to open a green channel to ensure that farmers apply for a loan is simple and transparent procedures; set up 153 help farmers teller service points, an effective solution to remote villages Small farmers withdrawals and payment problems; actively carry out financial support for agriculture in transition upgrade activities, to increase funding support for high-tech agricultural enterprises, agricultural technological transformation projects, brand agricultural development projects, and actively promote the industrialized operation of agriculture and promotion of agricultural processing and conversion value. Closely around the city to build a beautiful rural, developing modern agriculture “hot, increase the focus on urban and rural integration support to implement actions to actively promote the comprehensive reform of the urban and rural. As of the end of December 2011, Yiwu rural cooperative OK agriculture-related loans totaled 19.056 billion yuan, an increase of 2.848 billion yuan. In support of small businesses, Yiwu rural cooperative bank take full advantage of the credit means to facilitate SME restructuring and upgrading promote the Yiwu small and medium enterprises for independent innovation and energy saving and emission reduction. Constantly improve the “six mechanisms” construction of small businesses, to improve the small business financial services. Growth of small micro-enterprise campaign, to be in Yiwu International Mall surrounding suburbs occupies part of the town center to set up 3 to 6 small micro-enterprise loans to franchisees, provide one-stop financial services for small and micro enterprises, and arranged $ 10 billion special credit funds to support small and micro enterprise development. (Yong-Sheng Zhang)

  The Jinhua Bank Yiwu Branch

  To carry out the service etiquette skills training


  e pay a small shortcut to pay the new experience

  In order to better meet customers’ online shopping and e-commerce activities such as micro-payment needs, the innovation of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China launched a new online micro-quick pay service — ICBC e payment. At present, ICBC e-commerce merchants have to pay to complete a small online payment operations supported by ICBC e.

  Holders of the ICBC accounts and to transact business at the bank counter reserved for individual customers of the mobile phone number, can be opened online self use “ICBC e payment services required to apply for U shield, without having to install a control driver of the line portal (www.icbc.com.cn) or the Personal Internet Banking, customers can self-opened through the bank account of the phone number + 6 (or 4 digits account alias) + dynamic password ” authentication, complete electronic payment transactions. ICBC also provides a dot counter, self-service terminal channels to customers for the opening of ICBC e payment, to facilitate customers to choose. At present, ICBC e to pay mainly for the single amount of micro-payment of less than 1000 yuan, the large-value payment through ICBC Internet banking, mobile banking.

  ICBC e pay to provide customers with a convenient, fast payment service, is also a very good job in protecting the safety of customer funds. The opening of the business and transaction authentication are handled in the bank-side, all customer information in the bank-side input to ensure that customer information security; use of bank security authentication mode, all mobile phone dynamic password text messages by the Industrial and Commercial Bank SMS Banking service number 95588 directly Send to facilitate the effective identification, phone dynamic password and transaction elements to bind one-time pad, to enhance transaction security; opened when customers can self-set to set aside the authentication information to effectively assist clients to identify fake payment page; account aliases to use provide a full range of security features and self-adjust transaction limits for the safety of customer funds. The business has been introduced on sought after by the majority of online shopping lovers, nearly three months, the province has more than 20,000 users to the opening and use the new business. To allow more customers familiar with and accustomed to using this new micro-quick payment as soon as the Zhejiang Branch of ICBC will join e-commerce sites in the province introduced a number of marketing activities, allowing customers to experience a new payment method at the same time, the better to enjoy the wonderful benefits of ICBC and merchants.

  Not Miller, to stand. “Etiquette is the organic integration of a person external beauty and inner beauty is the foundation for healthy development of financial institutions. On the evening of March 21, the the Jinhua Bank Yiwu Branch organizations of all counter and employees nearly 100 people to carry out special training for service etiquette skills.

  Training conference, Zhejiang Normal University Senior Lecturer, etiquette training Li Xiangxiang combination of Bank of actual work, starting from the counter and employees how to improve the taste of the culture, learn to communicate with customers, vivid language, detailed case there may be insufficient to service work, learning etiquette skills, services, terms of basic specifications, service standards, literacy knowledge of professional etiquette and everyday social etiquette, personal image, etiquette, telephone etiquette, dinner etiquette, administrative etiquette and other aspects of a full range of training, to go from a sitting posture, from the face of a smile, nod, shake hands and introduce, from dress to language, such as one by one to explain.

  Penetrated into every detail of the counter and service through training, etiquette, so that the window to effectively regulate their demeanor in the daily work and life, and continually enhance the service capabilities, the intentions of interpretation services is gold to finance the essence of “corporate image . (Wang Dong)

  Shanghai Pudong Development Bank innovative custom models to meet the financing needs of SMEs

  Recently, the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank “silver reign” to support the growth of SMEs Action Launching Ceremony held in Yiwu. This means that the total behavior of the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Yiwu SME tailor-made silver reign business in full swing in the international business city, the size of loans of 1.5 billion will be earmarked for the support the market of small and medium-sized enterprises (businesses) the development of effective alleviate the problem of financing.

  Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Branch of Hangzhou and Yiwu branch of three linkage, based on regional characteristics and tailor a customized set of financing, guarantees, value-added service capabilities in one financial platform for Yiwu SMEs, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank adhering to the “customer centric “concept is an important measure.

  Settled as the first national joint-stock commercial banks in Zhejiang, Hangzhou Branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank has been the small and medium enterprises as their closest partners, and whenever necessary, and constantly improve the business strategy.2000 merit-based linkage, the size of both the 2005 clearly one of the important areas of new small businesses as a business development, in 2006, the Hangzhou branch of the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank have begun to actively explore and practice the franchise mode of small and medium businesses. The end of 2009, the branch SME business center was formally established SME business has taken a big step forward by leaps and bounds.

  There are a set of data can strive to the efforts made by the Hangzhou Branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank in which to support SME development. As of the end of December 2011, the People’s Bank of statistical standards for SMEs, SMEs table within the full jurisdiction of Hangzhou Branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank loan balance of 58.1 billion yuan, 11.3 billion yuan over the beginning of new; in the 34 branches of the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Hangzhou The branch number of SME customers and loan increment are listed first.

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