04 AprYiwu Merchant loss: Singaporean container ship Fujian Sea ran aground follow-up story

n the afternoon of March 31, the public Wang from Fuzhou with disappointment the car back to Yiwu.

  Singaporean container ship ran aground Wang engaged in the hat business in the International Trade City, he has a value of nearly 28 million cap in Fujian waters “BARELI wheel.

  March 29, when they saw the newspaper on the Singaporean container ship Fujian Sea ran aground after the report, Mr. Wang through foreign trade companies, inquiries and learned that their goods where the container has been ashore. In the afternoon, with only Mr. Wang with a container of another business households, as well as a staff member of the foreign trade companies rushed to Fuzhou, Fuqing Jiangyin Port.

  The beginning of their goods ashore, and my heart quite happy to rush in the past is to look at how goods, if there is wet out sun drying and reduce losses. “Mr. Wang said, to Jiangyin Port container no traces of flooding, and my heart is burst pleased, think that goods should be no loss, but an open door of the container, dumbfounded, it was empty.

  According to the understanding of the situation of Wang Fuzhou maritime police detachment, after the accident, some local fishermen took some goods on board, there are some boatman law enforcement agencies. As of March 30, have been salvaged over 600 containers, more than half empty.

  ”I suggest that the owner of Yiwu, if found in the container has come ashore, the best local take a look.” Mr. Wang, to fly in the local working group dealing with incidents, there will be staff to accompany the inspection of goods, “a the staff of the surname Kim told me that their company will be through normal channels to cargo handling compensation issues. “

  Mr. Wang said the staff is the CMA CGM (China) Co., Ltd. a branch of a department manager, the Corporation transferred to the local join processing “BARELI wheel ran aground aground accident.

  At noon on April 1, the reporter and the Fund Manager has made contact. Fund Manager said that personal views can not represent the corporate position, the company has also been provided, no authorization, the individual can not be interviewed by the media, the specific matters or up to fly local branch in dealing with.

  In the past several interviews in the city shippers hope that we can form an alliance, it is easy to deal with post-compensation matters. It is hoped that the relevant government departments to come forward to help the better.

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