11 AprYiwu merchants worry about bad world economy affects Christmas Items sale

The European economy “disease”, the U.S. economy is still “rehabilitation period”. Everyone knows that in today’s global economic integration, no one can do to be spared in Yiwu International Trade City, Christmas goods industry the first to perceive that this may allow enterprises to “cold” cold.

“Significantly reduce the volume of orders, the amount is pitifully small.” Yiwu Christmas Products Industry Association, Chen Jinlin in an interview with reporters, expressed a Christmas in the traditional sense of the upcoming foreign trade order, the peak of the trace of bear consider. Yiwu Christmas industry spokesman admitted that he thinks this year, Yiwu Christmas procurement industry peak period will be delayed a month or so, large enterprises continue to maintain stable development, small business survival more difficult but also an inevitable trend.

Trading environment is not optimistic

Yiwu enterprises worried

International Trade City market dealers Wang told reporters that each time you go to the bank to the customer payment, he will carefully look at the exchange rate. The only primary school education, business units, to study the changes in exchange rates, has become the entire communities of practice often have to face problems.

Yiwu Christmas Industry Association Secretary-General Chen Jinlin In fact, just like Pharaoh business operators perceived yuan in the process of increasing appreciation of the foreign trade products less competitive impact, not knowing the depth of the debt crisis in Europe under the influence of many Christmas products are no longer marketable in Europe, mainly with local purchasing power in decline and market confidence.

However, Chen Jinlin affected by the appreciation of the renminbi and the European debt crisis, the turmoil in the Middle East in the international situation, could have much to offer the Middle East and North African markets have become subtle.

The argument has also been the identity of the Yiwu scale export companies. Purcell Group Ningbo Import & Export Co., Ltd. of Yiwu excellent news, general manager of the money days when talking about the 2012 international trade situation, the front even with a “bad” to describe. “The reason to use harsh to describe today’s international market, mainly reflected in traditional consumer the United States does not appear the sign of a strong recovery, and high hopes for the European market continued last year’s weak state, especially the Italian market is particularly serious, the past can confirm the order within a week, and now has been delayed for two months. “

Money Tianfeng analysis, European buyers orders are confirmed after strict market forecast and full year of a single row of order delay also reflects a lack of confidence in the European market, the outlook for consumption is not ideal. In addition, the adverse international situation also reflected in the complexity and seriousness of the international trade is growing, Yiwu manufacturers into export confused period. Purcell Group, a Santa customer orders, one of the top five in Italy, local supplies of enterprises, the first quarter of this year, only under the same period last year half of the limit orders, and transmitted to the Yiwu enterprises there will be more worried ah.

Sales increased profits continue to decline

Do first customer or first performance?

Chen Jinlin told reporters, Yiwu Christmas goods exports last year the amount of not less than 8.5 billion yuan, the overall performance over the previous year at least 10% growth in profit, but there are 10% -15% decline. This is not an industry cycle, but one we must face the fact.

Chen Jinlin believe that the purchase 12 years ago, Yiwu merchants from Guangdong, creating a situation of selling Christmas items in the International Trade City, and now the Yiwu Christmas products production and sales-based products is still at a low competitive level, profits are basically The rise in labor wages and raw materials to “eat out, industry profit margins for the first time fell below 10 percent, the lowest close to 8%.

“Now before us is to do the customers or choice of performance.” To do seven years of Christmas plants leaves are sold fat in the International Trade City and Christmas supplies professional Street store. He told reporters that the past, this time foreign will continue to the store, it is occasionally found with foreign, in the first quarter this year never received any orders for over 100,000. Orders can be connected is not sufficient to generate significant profits, purely doing customer relationships, rather than product performance.

In Yiwu International Trade City, the investigation found that the information sublet stalls of the Christmas supplies business households accounted for a large part of a senior pitch intermediaries disclosed to reporters that this year’s Christmas goods stall rents about 15% decline in Over the years there have been no phenomenon. His calculations to reporters, according to the present about the ordinary stall an annual rent of 30 million, with sales at least to do in order to maintain the payment of rent more than 3 million, not including personnel and tax costs, only for each single the amount of yuan up and down, and businessmen selling pressure can be imagined.

0.5 yuan Christmas the pineal gifts, Canada to sell 15 yuan

The price Xuanchaicixing enterprise

“No matter how the external economic environment, the rigid demand of Christmas has always existed, Yiwu Christmas supplies, worry about the long-term sales.” An insiders interpretation of Christmas products in the past has Yiwu But yesterday in an interview he modified his own point of view, because Christmas pinecone gift received a gift of an overseas Chinese in Canada selling price equivalent to 15 yuan during the Spring Festival. He said the products in Yiwu, the lowest price is 0.5 yuan, in an internal party, he first proposed Baotuan attack the idea of ​​Europe can be described as mass response.

Yiwu Christmas Industry Goods Association Secretary-General Chen Jinlin this be confirmed, he revealed that, in order to alleviate the pains of falling profits, the Association has made positive efforts, on the other member response. He confided to reporters two months ago has Yiwu Christmas industry associations with the product went to Germany for products docking, some products directly into the German supermarkets, manufacturers and end-market seamless connection. However, the grounds of commercial confidentiality, the Secretary-General refused to disclose the specific business name and detailed products. This also implies that a change is carried out quietly around profit and recycling.

In addition, Yiwu Christmas Products Industry Association, a first group participated in the China Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair held at home, and buy 200 stalls occupy the space of half a pavilion. Chen Jinlin said he hoped to take this opportunity to reshape the industry of Yiwu Christmas products brand image, build a wider bridge for enterprises to export trade.

If the function is said Association top-down policy to promote the members’ self-help industry at the micro level representation. Yiwu the Hualong Christmas crafts person in charge of Zhu Xiaoping, told reporters direct access to European and American markets is a way of Yiwu Christmas business households profits Battle In fact, Christmas ornaments that he developed about 2 m height, design styles and materials added to the more practical elements. Christmas products from a single viewing aptitude practicality of transition, so that he tasted the sweetness and the creative for the year flagship product, but also to keep the bottom line.

Zhu Xiaoping, Christmas industry is more like a creative industry, each year new market pull effect of surprise, the main source of which is profit. “Through the innovative styles and materials, changing the internal structure and the creation of the new features is to avoid the price into a transparent and compress an effective way of profit, but practicality also captures the true inner state of the European and American customers.” Chen Jinlin given this new in high esteem.

Next month may be pushed four industry-standard

Standards war, or for-profit escort

Obviously not all businesses can have the ability to open the terminal market in Europe and America, this is not the ultimate path. 2010 known as the Christmas industry standard first year, submitted Simulation Industry Association Yiwu Christmas Christmas tree, “Christmas tree”, the two standards are formally identified by the relevant ministries, which opened the industry standard-setting movement of the Yiwu Christmas, it is learned has Christmas ornaments, Christmas lights, “enter the validation procedures, as of Yiwu Christmas trade associations drafting or at least involved in the drafting of the 10 industry standard.

Yiwu Christmas supplies industry standard promoters, Chen Jinlin happy to see the Yiwu Christmas industry, care and thought on many occasions expressed. In an interview with reporters yesterday, Chen Jinlin first revealed that there will be four Christmas goods industry standards will be introduced as soon as next month. An informed source said that Prior to the printing of the hot Christmas stickers standards should be one of them, but he currently inconvenient to say, all the national authorities do think the final conclusion.

Why Yiwu Christmas industry is interested in the development of industry standards? Chen Jinlin Yiwu Christmas, an industry spokesman did not evade the issue, the bluntly With standards at least to facilitate Chinese products into more high-end market. He told reporters that Christmas standard system for continuous improvement, effective control of procurement costs in the production process, while there will be a new basis in the foreign trade disputes.

To industry analysts, the Christmas production in the industry-standard products will be a price control system, can be circumvented for profit enterprises wantonly lower prices or lower production standards of behavior, Yiwu foreign sample orders for more, if the production to within the standards, then you can guarantee a certain profit margin for the enterprise standards, so in case of disputes related basis to follow.Standards really embodies such powerful feature? Like the Christmas corporate status, in anxious waiting

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