28 MarYiwu girl hanfu complex

Not a show, nor time travel.

Not long ago, a third year of Yong Kang Li State College girls wearing Han clothing, casually walking in the campus. She bent over from time to time bow, elegant and generous action, said Han clothes to wear to school is to introduce students to the culture of Han Chinese clothing. However, the school changed clothes in order not to affect their learning, send teachers to her home. What is the Han clothes? The wear hanfu Bo eyeball still prefer the traditional culture? Han Chinese clothing incident became a hot topic of microblogging.

According to Wikipedia, Chinese clothing, Chinese Dress, Chinese traditional costumes of the Han nationality, its history can be traced back to the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors era. In recent years, with the Han cultural renaissance, wear hanfu travel become one of the activities of many young people are keen.

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