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1st Yiwu Agent is a full services trading company. It is a subsidiary of the American multi-national corporation, US China Global Trading & Technology Group. It's an alliance of direct Chinese manufacturers and vendors. It's THE BEST Yiwu agent in Yiwu China. We help buyers source Chinese products in a cost effective and hassle free way. We are THE most experienced Yiwu agent since 1998. We are the ONLY no-kickback agency! We promotes free trade and transparency, while most others do all the under-the-table deals. With our strategic location at Yiwu, China, we are able to source over 400 thousand varieties of goods with ease.

Yiwu Market Online

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Yiwu Market

The Yiwu Market is composed of several markets spread out all over the city. There are about twenty market places. Futian Market is the biggest complex.
There are over 70,000 booths and 400,000 varieties of products in Yiwu Market.


Yiwu City Guide

Yiwu cityYiwu China Where is Yiwu? Located in the Center of Zhejiang China, covers a total area of 1,105 sqkm, It is well-known internationally for its small commodity trade and vibrant free market. Yiwu is the biggest supermarket in the world for small commodities


Yiwu Hotel

Plaza hotel Best Western Ocean Hotel Kingdom Hotel


Yiwu Jewelry

Jewelry Products in Yiwu As the majority owner of a Yiwu Jewelry factory specializes in designing and manufacturing of alloy jewelry products, we have also invested in a dozen other jewelry factories and have signed partnership deals with many more.

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